Friday, 13 November 2015

Real Estate In Gainesville Is Always Changing, Take A Look At Today's Updates In Listing Counts And Average Prices!

Todays Gainesville Real Estate Market Update Brought To You By Bosshardt Realty Services

Current Property Counts for: Gainesville
Commercial119(- 0.94%)
Rental176(- 0.87%)
Business Opportunity5(- 0.56%)
Condominium/townhouse203(- 1.34%)
Vacant Land276(- 1.28%)
Residential619(- 0.35%)
Commercial Lease239(- 0.20%)
Multi-family31(- 0.83%)

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Average Prices for: Gainesville
Condominium/townhouse$118,569(- 0.29%)
Residential$288,834(- 0.36%)
Business Opportunity$159,960(- 0.91%)
Commercial$884,621(+ 0.47%)
Vacant Land$365,346(+ 0.48%)
Rental$1,168(+ 0.04%)
Multi-family$178,016(+ 0.60%)

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