Monday, 16 November 2015

Real Estate For Sale In Gainesville An Overview Of Today's Market Changes.

Real Estate Market Overview For Gainesville Is Brought To You By Bosshardt Realty Services

Current Property Counts for: Gainesville
Commercial119(+ 0.45%)
Business Opportunity5(+ 0.91%)
Vacant Land275(- 0.98%)
Multi-family31(+ 0.08%)
Condominium/townhouse204(+ 0.25%)
Commercial Lease245(+ 0.76%)
Residential613(- 0.46%)
Rental175(- 0.40%)

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Average Prices for: Gainesville
Residential$287,266(- 0.64%)
Rental$1,168(+ 0.05%)
Condominium/townhouse$117,356(+ 0.59%)
Multi-family$177,694(- 0.92%)
Vacant Land$370,704(- 0.30%)
Business Opportunity$159,960(+ 0.44%)
Commercial$876,133(- 0.19%)

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